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Employee Tax Preparation and Workshops

Special Offer - Free Tax Planning Workshops for Your Employees

Is your business looking for ways to reduce turnover and increase productivity?  Do you face stiff competition for qualified employees and need a recruiting edge?

Employee turnover and recruiting are two of the biggest headaches human resources professionals face.

Leichter Accounting Services complements your employee benefit package by offering a wide array of financial services that will help your employees

  • better understand their finances
  • feel more comfortable about their end-of-year tax situation
  • file their income taxes in a convenient, affordable way

Leichter Account Services is offering free tax planning workshops to mid-sized and large organizations. These workshops will include (but are not limited to) 401(k) and IRA discussions, explanations of employee exemptions and their impact on income taxes,  as well as general income tax planning strategies. 

As an added benefit, Leichter Accounting Services offers tax preparation services for your employees that perfectly complement your current benefits package.  Our team of qualified tax preparers led by David Leichter, CPA, will come to your location and work directly with your employees to prepare their Federal, State and Local tax returns.  Your employees will likely receive an immediate financial benefit as studies show professionally-prepared returns generally result in higher tax credits or refunds and other tax advantages.

Income tax filing is the single biggest financial event of the year for most individuals (especially low-income earners) and can be overwhelming and fraught with uncertainty.  Leichter Accounting Services will eliminate the stress associated with preparing annual tax returns.

Additionally, Leichter Accounting Services can review each employee’s enrollment in employer-sponsored plans such as employee stock purchase plans, 401(k) retirement plans, and tuition reimbursement programs.  Tax time is the perfect time to review and modify program participation with the end result of higher participation rates.  Employee benefits create a strong connection to your company – resulting in happier employees that will keep your business thriving.

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